World Natural Heritage: Panama 3D

Страна, год: Germany, 2013
Жанр: Documentary
Режиссер: Norbert Vander
Время: 52
Формат: FULL HD 1980x1080, 16:9, 3D & HD version
The rainforest. Shrouded in mystery since time immemorial. Legends abound of diminutive forest-dwellers and dragons. It must be witchcraft, when entire expeditions fail to return. Evil awaits us in the rainforest, where wild animals and poisonous snakes lurk. Rising wafts of fog appear as if emanations from hell. But, do they really exist – the evil spirits of the rainforest? Is the fog in the high cloud forests really the breath of the underworld? We attempt to find answers to these obviously provocative questions. We also travel to the World Nature Heritage Site of La Amistad in Panama. There, we find both: the rainforest and the last pristine cloud forests in the world. On our expedition we encounter the animals of the cloud forest and the mountain rainforests. We witness the birth of peccaries and listen in on the early morning concert of howler monkeys, in their impressive habitat beneath the canopy of the rainforest. We also discover how the ecosystem rainforest actually works on our journey and learn w