Wild Survival

Страна, год: South Korea, 2015
Жанр: Documentary, Science - Knowledge
Время: 5 x 50'
Формат: FULL HD
Серии Фильма:
1. The Tiger, Guerilla Hunter, 50'
2. Lion, King of the Savanna, 50'
3. The Fall of the Frozen Kingdom, 50'
4. In Search of Water, 50'
5. The Secret Life of Marsupials, 50'
"Survival of the fittest" - This most basic of Darwinian concepts has served as one of the most influential theories in the 20th century, used to explain countless phenomena encompassing a diverse array of fields from sociology to economics. In "Wild Survival," we return to the most basic meaning of the phrase, exploring what it means to survive in nature, and revealing the survival secrets of some of the most fearsome beasts known to man. In this dynamic series on nature, we offer an intimate glimpse into the relationship between the hunter and the hunted.