The Night

Country, year: South Korea, 2018
Genre: Documentary
Director: Gang Jeong Ho
Time: 2 x 50'
Format: FULL HD, UHD 4K
Release date: 01.09.2020
Red crabs on the Indian Ocean’s Christmas Island migrate to breed and spawn during the full moon in December. Brown hawk-owls follow moths into the city gathering under the bright street lamps making themselves home, while the city cicadas lose their nighttime singing round the clock. «The Night» explores the ecology of the nighttime, portraying the role of the moon that enables the ecological links that have been undergoing over hundreds of millions of years. This program uncovers the astrophysical phenomena engendered by the night and the moon, along with the biggest evolutionary secrets of the earth’s ecology and life forms. This secretive but dynamic true nature of the night is captured through multidimensional compositions and high-resolution videography.