Best Furry Friends

Country, year: Australia, 2021
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Knowledge, Entertaining
Director: , Stefan Wernick
Time: 26 x 11'
Target: 6 - 12
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 16.12.2021
Fascinating “girl-centric” stories featuring adventures of six inseparable friends and their little helpmates. The future is better when friends are together. Because best friends are fur evah!
Best Furry Friends (BFF) is about super cute, magical friendships of the charming BFF squad. Every BFF & Bestie has her own personality, interests and attitude, and every #BFFSquad is unique! Each adventure faces the challenge of the day, as they use their respective strengths. A heart-warmingly fun and entertaining series, BFF is essentially a charming tale about friendship, teamwork and optimism that every little girl can relate to. The positive attitude and values underlying every episode would also easily resonate with parents.