Flying MOCO - Planet Protection Plan S.2

Country, year: China, 2022
Genre: Family, Adventure, Comedy
Director: Zhang Xuanya
Time: 30 x 5'
Target: Семейный
Format: CGI, FULL HD
Release date: 10.08.2023
Family comic animation about the friendship between a little girl and a hilarious Welsh corgi
MR. O, an alien from the space, broke Yummy and MOCO’s peaceful life. When a magical meteor fell on Aifay neighborhood, it greatly changes the fate of MOCO. It turns out MOCO is actually an advanced intelligent creature from an alien planet! With the arrival of Mr.O, MOCO gains the ability to speak but he also faces the fate of being taken away. Yummy and MOCO’s comfortable life is about to be rewritten. This TV series shows the sincere and pure friendship between people and pets. A true friend would always think for each other and never leaves his friend behind. The mature friendship can not only withstand the test, but also brings friends closer through quarrels and reconciliation.