20 000 subscribers of the “Miniforce” YouTube channel during the first month from the start

The official channel of the animared series “Miniforce” was launched on YouTube just a month ago. The animated series with amazing graphics and special effects, where cute and nice Miniforce transform into fearless rangers and save the world, has become very popular among the audience of YouTube during a short period of time.

20 000 viewers have subscribed to the “Miniforce” channel during the first month. The number of views is more than 12 000 000 and the whole time of watching videos on the channel is more than 65 000 000 minutes.

The cartoon was created by the SAMG animation studio, which is also famous for such projects like “Power battle WatchCar”, “Vroomiz”, “Miraculous, Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir” and the others. This team still demonstrates the highest quality of cartoon production and each their project immediately gets an army of fans and friends.

The series is regularly broadcasted by the “Ani” animation channel and is also available in the best online-cinemas.