CLS MEDIA acquired the rights for the TV series “Double Je”

The inventions of the French police, combining investigations and comic situations with a romantic plot, are very popular among the public.

Double Je” is a French romantic-comedy police television series in eight 52-minute episodes, created by Camille Pouzol based on an original idea by Stéphane Drouet for France 2 TV channel. 

Captain Déa Versini is going to celebrate her forty years. Atypical and undisciplined police officer she leads her investigations in duet with her imaginary friend named Jimmy. But from the first episode, she is forced to work with a new teammate in the flesh!

The brilliant Carol Weyers (Best Actress for the Best Actress at the Series Mania Festival in 2019), as Dea Versini, is a bright leader in the trio of the first season. Stylish and sparkling Francois Vincentelli in the role of the nonexistent Jimmy and Ambroise Michelle in the role of a new colleague at the police station, straightforward and touching Matthew Belcourt.

The story takes place in Bordeaux. The historic city is very beautifully shown and visible on many plans, including the aerial. However, a large part of the filming takes place in the studios created by the company Making Prod in aircraft hangars of the former 112 Reims-Champagne10 air base, located in the Marne. Some sequences were filmed at the Auban-Moët Hospital Center in Épernay, where certain extras are agents who play their own role.

The eight episodes of the series were filmed in just 72 days.